I have a good reason to write english this time and this reason calls herself Lemony. You, Lemony, said that you took a photo of your own eye, processed it with NIK FX and you got this fascinating alienized result posted in your blog! (for a look click here) Is it the magic air where you live, is it pure luck or is it some more effects with Photoshop and NIK? 😉

This was my way to take some nice shots of an eye: I took my macro-lens and fixed the camera on a tripod. To avoid reflections from the light source, my daughter and me went outside. I used an external shutter release to minimize vibrations and to get a maximum sharp result. It took me more than 20 shots to get a not really satisfying but fair enough result, because she couldn’t hold as still as it would have been necessary. The autofocus did not work stable and fast enough and so I focussed manually. I would have needed a beauty dish to considerably reduce the exposure time. Her upper lashes nicely crossed the top half of the eye, but the lower part was free of shadows from the lashes, because the lower lashes cling downwards. I know no way to reach the effect you got in your exposure without serial radial copying of the lashes with photoshop. Another obvious problem is, that one of course can see the reflected Camera in the eye, when you come that close. In the end – after some photoshop processes I got this result in natural look:

After playing a little bit with Photoshop I got this artificial exposures in HDR-mode and B/W:


HDR reworked


black and white

Maybe quite nice, but slightly different from your results, isn’t it, Lemony? Common – tell us your true secret! 😀


8 Gedanken zu „Augenblicke

  1. Wow, these are really nice images!! Very nice effort! I’ll tell you I had no real secret. I do not own Photoshop. What I did was that I went out and look directly into the sun, so that my lashes would reflect straight down onto my eye and also bring out all of the lines and colors (it is a bit overexposed in color, but that’s all right for my purposes). There was also a row of trees in front of me, and so that probably explains one of the angles in the reflects across my eye. Then, in Lightroom I increased the contrast, and then went into NIK Silver Effex 2, where I chose Film Noir (which enhanced further the contrast)… I have hazel green eyes, and so patches and streaks of yellow and orange around the center my eyes, which adds to the lines ). I added in NIK Silver Effex 2 a white vignette (which is the lower lashes fade out of the image). I used my Panasonic Lumix LX5 for the image, which is stuck at the moment in f/2.0. The macro on that camera is amazing. I can put the camera right up almost directly on whatever it is I’m shooting, and it will autofocus. No tripod for this shot. Hand held! 🙂 No tricks, I promise!

    Gefällt mir

    • Thank you very much for this detailled explanation, Melanie! I bow my head in amazed respect 😉 You and your camera are a gorgeous Team!
      And you should let you grant a patent on you eyes! Are there eye- models in beauty Business? 😀
      At least I had lots of fun and that’s why we like this great hobby, don’t we?!
      Warm regards from Stefan

      Gefällt mir

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