Verschneiter Mond

Das Original



10 Gedanken zu „Verschneiter Mond

    • My best wishes for the upcoming year for you and your family, Wes!
      Thank you very much for stopping by frequently!
      I am very curious, what photographs and films you will show us this year! Do you plan to travel again?
      Kind regards from Stefan

      Gefällt mir

      • Hahaha! It could totally be! And the moon is just a huge round chunk of ice that was cut from the north pole due to global warming and they are just trying to pass it as another planet so we won’t freak out about our earth dissolving…Just a thought 😛

        Gefällt mir

      • Deal! Then we won’t have to worry about polar bears survival any more! They could migrate with the ice! But what about father Christmas? Doesn’t he live at the north pole? Perhaps the Easter Rabbit could additionally do his job 😉

        Gefällt mir

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