Nach dem Schnee ist vor dem Schnee

„Moin Uwä! Gift dat hüt no mehr Sney, wat sächs’t?“

„Kiek mol achter di mien Jung! Do kümmt bannich wat tohööchd!“


20 cm Schneelast vor dem Abwerfen…

I beg the pardon of my english speaking followers… This short dialogue above is onomatopoetic for a far northern german ideom and as such hard to translate without loosing the special charm. („Good Morning Uwe! Do you think, we’ll get even more snow?“ – „Just turn around. There’s a huge snow front coming up.“)



4 Gedanken zu „Nach dem Schnee ist vor dem Schnee

  1. No need to translate, pics talk for themselves.
    I really like 20 cm Schneelast vor dem Abwerfen…
    Other pics are more anecdotic to me.
    Is Uwe a cousin of yours?
    Great work still!
    Danke shöen, however it is in German.

    Especially 20 cm Schneelast vor dem Abwerfen…
    But what do I know?

    Gefällt 1 Person

    • Hi Ellar!
      I also like the first photograph best. That’s the reason, I placed it pole position. Of course – beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. But beauty is only one aspect and even that is often hidden.
      Thank you for understanding the photo – I’m proud, that I was able to deliver you a nice little moment in your day’s run! 🙂


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